cuisine + sample menus

jay astafa catering is widely recognized for its innovative approach to food, with an emphasis on vegetable-forward contemporary cuisine.

Please find below a list of descriptions introducing some fan favorites, maybe the most rave-worthy dishes developed by our creative plant-based company to date.

Tomatoes take center stage in our tomato tartare cones, meant to mimic tuna tartare. We transform the tomato’s texture by compressing it in a chamber vacuum sealer and slightly cooking it sous vide. Served in a savory fried cone, these are great as passed apps for folks to grab on the go. 


Our signature cashew milk mozzarella is served on a stick, akin to a kebab, a mozz ball atop a basil and olive oil marinated grape tomato. We call these caprese pops and they are bonafide crowd-pleasers. 




Something fun everyone always loves is our personal-size pizza, which we serve in a mini pizza box. The comfort food factor combined with the novelty ensures these are a hit at parties.


Our vegetable crudités is passed at parties or set up station style — depending on the event — to look like a growing garden. While it sounds somewhat unorthodox, the edible “dirt” is made from broken pieces of pumpernickel bread. In it we “plant” stemmed baby carrots, which makes for a healthy hors-d'oeuvre option. 


Inspired by steak tartare, we’ve created a beet tartare. In place of an egg yolk, we’ve developed a golden beet yolk, which we serve with a dollop of cashew chèvre. 


Traditional steak and potatoes provide the blueprint for our steak spiced grilled carrot with parsnip purée, creamed kale, horseradish crème fraîche and an onion ring.


Our cashew milk mozzarella in and of itself is something we’re particularly proud of. It’s also exceedingly popular, among vegans and non-vegans alike. Raw or melted, it tastes fantastic. Other nut cheeses we specialize in include Parmesan, Brie, blue cheese and chèvre — all made from cashews. 

For Chef Jay Astafa, cauliflower is the new kale. He’s so moved by this cruciferous vegetable that we feature it prominently in myriad dishes. Think smoked cauliflower steak, buttermilk fried cauliflower with purple potato salad and tarragon ranch, our award-winning buffalo cauliflower and fried cauliflower florets atop waffles

Our mini pie bar, as well as our milkshake + cookie bar, proves a win-win. People love miniatures, and what could be better than a display of sweets you can eat?

We’ve worked tirelessly to master melt-in-your-mouth pasta and gnocchi, perhaps the two most coveted staples former egg eaters miss upon going vegan. Prepared instead with silken tofu, our homemade pasta and pillow-like gnocchi are something to behold indeed. 

Fish-free caviar we make from different liquids by a method called spherification. Among flavors we’ve played with are balsamic caviar and carrot bacon caviar

We’ve "fried" caramel popcorn in liquid nitrogen that, when eaten, yields a smoky breath effect — entertaining to watch and tasty, too.  

We are capable of preparing king oyster mushrooms in a few ways so as to replicate seared and grilled scallops, as well as ceviche and crudo