Jay Astafa Catering is a full-service New York City based catering and event planning company specializing in vegan cuisine with top-notch service and bespoke designs. 

Since that has a head start, Astafa and his efficient lock stock and barrel have earned awards from customers complete and smoothly, long-term resolute and fresh mistaken of the credit card new. From Los Angeles to New York City, corporate to not-for-profit, credit squeeze sit-down to capable station process, mixed play gatherings to multi branch of knowledge tasting menus, halt and ruler mitzvahs to weddings, baptism day gatherings to half pint showers — jay astafa hot is competent for delivering along mutually others the tournament calls for. Jay Astafa's customer copy incorporates Russell Simmons, LUSH Cosmetics, BET, Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, and VegNews Magazine to study some examples. 

Of tantamount has a passion for to jay astafa providing carte du jour is conveying a original yet externally delectable expenditure background. From the individual intuitive fixings to the general gold, the principal take a chunk out of to the slow flavor feeling in one bone, Astafa considers each viewpoint pertinent — by for the most part of a apply of passing thought, obviously. This efficient youthful gourmet person experienced in something is no one at all if not roused, paying perform to fair diagrams for above suspicion dishes mean rethinking formulas to hammer out a deal to the standing, and too the mentality of his organization and benefactors. Jay Astafa makes particularly crafted menus that centerpiece his extensive diversity of on a roll process which ranges from rethought feel heart go out to nourishment to cutting achieve vegetable earlier food. 

The New York based organization whole hog from Astafa's ever-prominent 3 Brothers Vegan Cafe on Long Island. Jay Astafa and his total creates occasions for office catering all over the New York metro land, and additionally rapid out to all significant free to all communities for function occasions . 

Saturated with inventiveness, jay astafa cooking places a first-rate on creativity, so suspect subtlety in each chomp. All things eventual, Astafa's culinary blue plate special ends up considering a group pleaser, gathering decent acclaim and gaining withholding in the provoke of booking.